Bargain Of The Century!

Well I am sorry

No really I am

I have neglected my blog for a long time now… it is my own fault if you aren’t even reading this!

BUT OH MY GOLLY GOSH – I got the bargain of the century and that is why i have not been blogging! There was a silent auction at work to get rid of the stuff from the design studio and I saw a set of 5 bookcases and bid $250….. they turned out to be ike expedits that retail at $189 each so as you can imagine I was a very happy camper at this discovery. Since bringing my (HUGE) babies home I have been busy moving furniture around and re-organising my sewing/craft room. Mummy twohoots should be coming for a visit in October and I want it to be a fab room for her! I also want to stop crafting in front of the TV and stop leaving my shit stuff all over the living room. So each evening I have been busy with trips to Ikea, moving furniture, recovering furniture, throwing out junk etc etc. If it makes you feel any better it is not just my blog that has suffered with neglect – the rest of my house is looking somewhat dusty and in need of a good sprucing!

So I promise when I have completed the revamp and all my accessories I have ordered arrive there will be a MEGA post with LOADS of photos!!

In other news i FINALLY posted my mix tape cds. I loved making them and I was a few days late posting them because I had to re-learn how to use photoshop AND i kept forgetting to post them – they have lived in my handbag for a few days.

On a humorous note – i received my first mix tape from sweden….and it was BLANK! must email miss b about that. It gave me a bit of a giggle.

will post photos soon

your slack blogger



There’s A Storm A Brewin!

Woke up this Sunday morning to winds howling, rain pelting and gates clattering. Yes winter is definitely here! Chef Boy pulled himself out of our flannel covered bed and get ready for work while I struggled with the thought of waking up while such a commotion was happening outside.

So I decided to stay in bed on my laptop till such a time where the hunger pangs are too strong and I am forced to get up and start my day properly. After half a bag of The Natural Confectionery Co. -“Sour Squirms” I do feel like I should probably get up….but soooooooooooo snug here!

Today I have set myself a task – to start and complete the two CD’s for Miss B’s Mixed Tape Swap. My current issue is that half of my music is on my old laptop and the other half is on my new laptop so my music collection is somewhat scattered and disorganised…… really need to sort that out.

I also need to do some drastic alterations to a new dress I got: I bought a Kimono styled dress off Asos. It was on sale at like $15 so I thought no harm if it doesn’t fit.

So it arrived (alongside my new socks and tights for the winter YAY)

Kimono??? NO – it was more like MOO MOO! It drapes very unfavourably over my body and ultimately looks like I am wearing a sheet. I tried to adapt it with button holes and ribbon but it made the back balloon out something terrible. So today I may attack it with new gusto and see what happens – eek!

Ok – starting the day now – the sugar has settled on my teeth and feels yuk!


snug new over the knee cable knit socks from asos and the remnants or what was sour squirms….

Elephants never forget!

So it was a cruisey Monday evening. Chef boy had cooked dinner and I was in a food coma on the couch. I got up to go to bed (for an early night at last) when I realised: “oh no I was supposed to bake cupcakes for the nephew’s first birthday tomorrow. Nooooooooo” Ok ok […]

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The Opening Night Of The Hottie Challenge

So Friday night came and at last it was time to head to the Open Drawer for the grand opening of the Hottie Challenge. I brought Miss E with me and we explored the packed hallway and rooms of the gallery. It was filled with people and all the hot water bottle covers were hanging […]

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Forgive Me Bloggers For I Have Sinned, It Has Been Over A Week Since My Last Post

Where have I been?….I hear you call Well I thought new laptop would equal lots of blogging! In fact a new laptop equals lots of online shopping!! So let me please blameMiss B from Good Night Little Spoon for this! I was doing my usual perusal of my fave blogs and saw Bianca’s Love At […]

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Hottie Challenge Completed At Last

So after lots of procrastination I finally finished the Hottie Cover for this FAB competition. I had tried to theme this hot water bottle along side the cause the competition-which was in aid of – Margaret Pratt Heart and Lung Transplant Research….I immediately wanted to make the hot water bottle cover like an upper torso. […]

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Like A Child On Christmas Morning

I lay in bed chatting to chef boy, complaining of a head ache and not wanting to go to work. Beep- one new email. “Your parcel is now with the driver” I quickly jumped out of bed- Gotta go! My new laptop is being delivered to work today…. Oh the excitement!!! I waited by the […]

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For My Crafty Girls

I found this awesome list on Pepperstitches today. Gonna print it out and hang it up where I can see it everyday!!!    

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Knight In Shining Armour

Aunty meg was kept busy this weekend…. A trip to spotlight with the soon to be 5 year old nephew of Chef Boy led to an afternoon of crafting this cool Knight costume. Mr E sat himself down on the floor cushions and watched Horton Hears A Who while I crafted away. I also made […]

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A Labour Of Lurve

So here it is …. This is what stopped me blogging last week and nearly caused me to go blind: Chef Boy’s new embroidered tshirt. His reaction: “aw wow, that’s awesome! Kinda wish I had given ya a better tshirt to do it on now!!!” My mums reaction: “that’s nice love…..but what is it?” Please […]

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