Welcome Possums!

11pm on a Monday night and I sit here after a dinner of beans on toast…..oh the joys of living with a chef – long empty evenings. Maybe that’s what drove me to craft!

It’s not that bad really, I cook proper food nearly every night but sometimes you can’t beat a quick meal – more time for blogging šŸ™‚

Sooooooo where to start? To be honest I have no idea. This all started many years ago when I asked for a sewing machine for my 16th birthday. However there was no space to keep the sewing machine set-up so it was hauled up and down to the attic each time I wanted to use it, which was a LOT of hassle….and so it went away for good and never came down. How sad – I know! That was untill college was all done and dusted and the recession hit Ireland and I packed up my belongings and headed to Australia for work.

Once in Australia I got a job and a home and I suddenly had a spare room to fill………… so I got a sewing machine and fabric, LOTS OF FABRIC.

On a trip home to Ireland in November I dragged my mother into this. We rocked up at the Stitching and Knitting Expo in Dublin’s RDS. Mum has knitted since she was pregnant with me HOWEVER….. after knitting me a new Christmas stocking for Australia she had to succumb to tennis elbow and admit defeat with knitting for now. So she signed up for a quilting class and is now WHOOPING MY BUTT at this! Perfect work by mummy two hoots – I am very proud and jelous of her skills whilst I struggle with being self taught here.

Here is a picture of mummy two hoots’ first and AMAZING quilt top!


And the obsession begins: Quilts, clothes, furniture…. and baking

I want you all to follow me on this great adventure, join me, share with me and most of all have fun with me!

Things that I SHOULD be doing at the moment

  • working on things to donate for a craft charity auction
  • working on things to sell at market
  • actually finishing my first quilt
  • starting my Lenora Jenkins Block A Month Quilt before block number2 arrives!
  • fill out my blog…populate the empty pages
  • bake something new each week
  • keep my new veggie garden alive
  • save money

ok that’s me done for today

Can’t wait to hear from you!!!!!





  1. Hi Meg, welcome to the world of blogging! I’m super excited that you are doing my BOM. I will look forward to following your progress (no pressure though) on this blog. Happy sewing!!!! Lenora X.

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