Block of the month pack 1

Ok so after all the hu ha with reading the wrong page earlier for the star block I have now cut all the pieces except for the mitre block and I have sewn all the star blocks in pack one

Once I got into the star blocks it was quick enough. It’s difficult to suss out what material is what from picture of the block on the pack as some of the materials are very similar. But luckily I didn’t cut the wrong material- had a close one though!!!

All seems very manageable at the mo. Haven’t done the appliquéd heart or flower either but ill tackle that on my next go.

I think I will leave all the embroidery till the end as I’m not sure whether I’ll use the words in the original pattern.

Anyway busy crafty sunday!

Time to chill now

Xoxo megs

Not bad for my first star blocks!!

Everything cut and ready for next time!



  1. That was not the easiest of blocks to start with, well done. I had a lovely time at the exhibition in Dalkey, the quilts on display are real works of art…it will be a long time before we get to that stage…but sure we can enjoy the practise! When I got home I decided to get the border on my sampler quilt to have it ready for my next took me ages, but I think its sorted now. Looks good, Gary took a photo an emailed it to you

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