Measure twice cut once

My first ever star block….So I repeated this mantra over and over in my head knowing that I only had the exact amount of material in my block of the month pack.
I measured, measured and measured again. Spent AGES drawing straight lines and making sure I measure exactly 1/4″ where necessary.

Looking three times at the pattern and instructions I had lovingly put in a folder in plastic pages a sudden panic washed over me while working on my first ever 4″ pinwheel

“sew the two rectangles to form a 3 1/2” square. Oh god no! Mine were far smaller than that! I flicked back a page -“cut two 2 3/4″ squares” oh Feck! I cut 2″squares! I was sure that’s what it said

So I pulled all the stitches out. It was too late the fabric had been cut so I decided that I would hand sew the seam much closer to the cut and that would save the day and give me the extra bit needed.

So I spent quite some time doing this and just as I finished and was about to sew the squares together to form a rectangle again I spot that I had been reading the directions off the 6″ star block instructions page which was right beside the 4″ star block instructions in my beloved folder

God dam it-what a waste of an hour! And now my star block was over sized and not symmetrical.

Anyway crisis diverted. I trimmed the excess material and continued on reading from the FOUR INCH STAR BLOCK instruction page to which all my measurements and cuts were correct….

God that nearly killed me
Here’s hoping it gets better from here

Trying to figure out what is what


Measure twice cut once

20110501-040651.jpgfinished it!


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