She told me to meditate so I started knitting

To start this short tale let me begin by stating
– I am too young to wake up in the morning and complain about joint pains
-I am also too young to be half crippled with a bad back. (i’m being melo-dramatic I’m not “crippled” as such-it’s just knotted and sore)

So the bad joints thing has been an ailment of mine for 6 years now. Swollen fat fingers, stiff joints, inflammation like part of my hand are on fire. On for days upon days an then unseen and forgotten sometimes for weeks and weeks even months if I am lucky. We have tried and tested lots of things…from steroid injections into the joints to food allergy tests. No the heat or the coldness doesn’t make a difference either.
I just accept it at the moment and take it easy on my bad days and occasionally cry to mummy two hoots about it…she is awesome

Anyway whatever–not looking for sympathy just painting the picture of what’s happening.
So I have been having Physio/massage on my back for a few months now as it has been tight and knotty and the chef isn’t around to rub my shoulders when I get home from work-so I outsource!
My Physio danni is amazing and also does needling on my back too to release pressure in the knots.

Friday night I felt a twinge in left shoulder and thought what a yucky knot. It got worse and today I was in so much pain I begged the Physio to take me. Danni wasn’t free but I couldn’t care I needed someone,anyone to help. The Physio chatted to me while she prodded and poked and dug her way through the knots in my back. She couldn’t hide her astonishment at how bad it was nor could she pretend that he had other people my age with this much tension in their back.

New Physio lady asked was chef boy at home when I got home from work…. I scoffed and then replied “no” and explained how he gets in when I’m going to bed. She said ” I thought so, so you have no one to off load to and talk to once you get home from work?”.
Nope nada
And on the rare and few days that I do have his company on my return from work I apparently “won’t stop talking”
Can you blame me-finally a human being in the house in the evening…..

Anyhuuu New Physio lady explained that in the absence of having this ability to spill or vent any frustrations or stress I have had during the day means that I continue being tense and lack the ability for my body to relax and turn off.

So she suggested I learn to meditate

Now I did have a corporate resilience day last year in work where we had a specialist come in and talk to the project team about how we can e resilient in life and the work place. The guy training us had overcome brain tumors and had subsequently changed his lifestyle and ethos on life and what is important.
He taught us some meditation techniques and couldn’t emphasize enough the importance of it.

Right I thought I’ll go to the library and get a cd and give it ago….. And then i remembered my darling and dearest J had started knitting after work so she could wind down.

Well that seemed a hell of a lot more appealing to me then meditating on the cold floor this eve so I sped off to spotlight and got me some wool and needles.

So here is tonight’s work……

I will start meditating- i obviously need it- I’m just not sure how to approach it. So for now I will make a scarf 🙂



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