Two scarves later …

So as horrible as my bad back was (yes WAS! it’s much better today)… I did discover how enjoyable knitting was again. I completed my scarf/snood/cowl -is that how you spell snood!?
It is super super soft and cosy and I’m very impressed at how fast I got through it: started Monday night finished wednesday night!
Thursday I was too sore for work and spent the morning with chef boy before he went to work that evening. Thursday night, by special request, I made chef boy a scarf.
And now his two sisters want what I knitted for myself… So off I go I suppose!

This weekend I want to finish piecing block one of Lenora’s quilt and make a good go of block two. Having said that I will not be crouched over my machine of my back isn’t completely better šŸ˜¦

I have had a bit of “the fear” this week: feeling trapped at work due to the lifestyle I have now acquired with my good salary and a immense desire to do something creative that makes me happy….happier than the current work environment I am in.

Yes I am aware I can’t live off selling people knitted scarves or baby clothes at the slow rate I produce them… And I’m not saying that
But there has to be more than this to life!?

For now, while I try and discover some sort of sense of being and self assurance in where I’m at currently I will let this be my creative output.

I heart blog
Happy weekend !

My scarf/snood or whatever you call a scarf that is one continuous loop!
So many ways to wear it!



Chef boys simple chunky knit grey scarf 20110514-122232.jpg



  1. northernnarratives says:

    I love your scarf. So happy I found your blog. Nice to meet you…Judy

  2. looks nice and snug, well done

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