Diary of a whingy kid &16 balls of wool

Whinge whinge whinge…..
That’s what I feel like doing today so apologies in advance:

I will have been in Australia a year in June and I have to say that while it was the right thing for me to do for my career/ to get a career…. it has been at the detriment to my social life.

Moving half way around the world was never going to be an easy task but it’s certainly not made any easier when the object of the exercise is not to backpack and party but to find a job.

Of course I have made friends and met people and by gob I’m not miserable here. But sweet Jesus I miss being able to call someone to go for a coffee or wander through the shops with. I have great friends here but when you dont have your entire social circle to call upon your options are limited! And as it gets cooler and winter approaches I feel like I’m in Ireland but then I take out my phone to txt someone and I remember….nope not at home.

I do hope that crafting will open more doors for me and I’ll grow a great network of people to meet for coffees and craft with πŸ™‚

So anyway I did quilting due to my f*!kin back….
But I went to picadilly market this morning- which I have to say was disappointing. Seems like market mums have started all doing the same things and there is little differentiation or innovation in the products for sale now in these types of markets. So I left empty handed!

So now that chef boy’s 2 sisters want snoods I ran to spotlight with miss j and got wool…LOTS of wool. Totaling 16 balls in the end. However- I must say that I got that much because I wanted to be sure that when I start the blanket eventually-I do not run out of wool and find that spotlight don’t have any in stock!!
So I started the snood for sister number one this evening and finished one ball of wool already.
It’s a lovely chocolate brown this time. So many people have commented on my scarf while i was wearing it this weekend,I am really chuffed!

So excuse my venting … I will get over it- it’s usually worse on the weekend if I get bored. I must keep busy: craft more, blog more, garden more, exercise more, get pampered more and whinge less!
Magnum gold made me feel a bit better while I blogged πŸ™‚




  1. Not matter how cold it is a Magnum will always make you feel better!! hope your back continues to improve and that you are back stitching those BOM soon.

    • Thanks Linda. Really dont want to fall behind with it! I sew from your email you are super busy at the shop!that’s great can’t wait for the website!

      • All set for my Quilting class on Sat…got the sandwich made, and some fat square sandwiches to practise on…hope I got the right thread, cause with the Queens visit I haven`t got a chance of getting to town or anywhere near it…Dublin is like a ghost town with security gone mad, and even next week it won`t get better `cause President O`Bama is popping by for a cuppa!:)

      • Perfect excuse for quilting I say!! Make sure you get lots of pictures of your first quilting attempt! I may even get you to write a tutorial on step by step how to do it πŸ™‚

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