Downward Facing Dog Upward Facing Smile cont…..

 So forgive me for not being able to expand too much on my yoga session last night. Too much to say sooooo little time! So here is a quick run down of my first go at Yoga……

Arrived with Miss H at Yoga place and the smells of incense and wicker mats filled the air. I though “here goes, an evening with the hippies!”. I signed my life away with the Yogee lady’s paper work and entered the studio with an open ( but busy mind). I really enjoyed the session! Although I found myself out of breath for the most part of the session trying to inhale and exhale at the right times. I would have just taken a breathe in and she would say and “inhale and stretch”…. What followed was me rapidly exhaling and inhaling so I could catch up with the next step with the class!

By the end of the class  I did find it very calming but I certainly didn’t find my inner chi! I was too busy concentrating on breathing at the right time, not falling over, learning the positions and most importantly not passing gas while doing all of the above! Oh so many tv shows and films that depict the eager office worker trying out yoga include that cringe worthy passing of gas at an inappropriate time. But of course there was no such moments. The fear of it was enough for me to ensure I kept all my core muscles engaged the whole time though!! Looking forward to it all again next week. Have a visit over to Miss H’s Blog she has written another update to her short story.



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