How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockle shells and pretty maids all in a row….

What a day the weather is crazy here! 6 degrees one day and then 20 degrees today!?
I finished the scarf for sister number one but it was a little warm for her to wear it today!!

So I am fairly proud of how the two hoot garden is coming along. I thought it had been a while since I showed you some pictures so here they are!
I moved the carrot and rocket seedlings I have grown from seeds into bigger tubs and the same with my pea seedlings into a bigger pot with supports.

There was a considerable amount of detangling needing to be done with the snow peas I was growing. But after a few fiddley minutes I had them all running up the right supports again.
I’m really looking forward to the rhubarb as I can’t wait to start cooking with it!!

Must get chef boy to build me some more garden beds. He did such an awesome job with the first one!

Big broccoli

Rocket, LOTS of rocket!

Spinach for Pop Eye

Snow Peas

The last of the flowers left in the garden



What a gorgeous red


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