I made you a mix tape….

Well today was a busy but slow day. Chef boy and I have our house inspection tomorrow so there was bit of tidying to be done and then I sat down to finish off some embroidery I started last night. I found a blog called Pepper Stitches and she had one or two cool sketches to embroider. I LOVE her style I chose the mix tape image

Plan is once I master some cool embroidery I will then do some cool cushion covers for our couches and some plain tops to jazz them up.

Last time i was in spotlight I found these cool wooden bangles to decorate yourself. Out of boredom and fear of quilting today I procrastinated and spooled some red thread around it. Voila !



Other than that I kinda took it easy/was a bit lazy- but it’s Sunday so that’s ok!!
What did you get up to?

Anyone got any ideas for the hot water bottle cover???



  1. I like the sound of those cushions when you get round to them – a pair of cushions, one with mix tape and one with a microphone would look great. Enjoy the blogging!

    • thanks! yeh chef boy loves his music so he is very much keen on getting some music themed art work into the house….ill get searching for some more good sketches to embroider

  2. oh it looks great! love your blog 🙂
    and popping over now to look at the hot water cossie challenge.. it’s cooling down and my hot water bottle is all naked.
    Pepper x

    • Aw thanks, yes it’s getting really cold and wintery (says the Irish girl)
      Can’t wait to get stuck into the challenge!

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