Latest purchase

Well I can’t remember how I discovered this product earlier this week but I am very excited to try it out!!

Whilst browsing the inter-web I happened upon Hoooked Zpagetti…. An Australia company that sells “a unique yarn made from offcuts of new fashion garments”. Basically it is like a spool of t-shirt material in a manageable sized strand perfect for chunky knit and crocheting.

Unaware of the size of the spool or length of the yarn I ordered two spools and they arrived this morning. They are huge! However as it is a chunky knit I will probably fly though them.

So at lunch I will try a small bit out to see what it looks like before I decide how I am going to use it.
Tick tock tick tock ….. Come on lunch time!!!!


*****UPDATE…lunch time experiment

Hmmm so it is a lot less softer than I envisaged. Quite structured. LOVE the colour. I think I will use it for soft furnishings. A cushion cover or a throw perhaps. Ooooh exciting!!!


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