Oh blogger where art thou?

Bad point: I haven’t blogged very often this week
Good point: I have this overwhelming wave of creativity and the need to surround myself in pretty things.

I have spent every day and evening for the past week indulging in looking at pictures and designs. Everything from the usual interior magazines I read, crafty blogs, graphic design, illustrations and even typography.
I actually can’t get enough! It’s getting to the point where it is very much consuming every part of my brain and I cannot focus on ANYTHING else today.

I have never been a good “drawer” Miss C was always the one I envied with her amazing hand writing and fantastic drawing in school. And now I want to draw. I want to write in whimsical fonts and make pretty things.

I don’t know where this creative blast has come from but I’d like to see where it leads me.

I am currently working on my project for daylesford and my hottie cover… I will upload pictures this weekend I promise!!

Sitting outside the office on a park bench trying to regain my focus. It is beautiful, mild and calm outside.
Like a warm spring day in Dublin.

I am currently making an envelope full of things to make someone smile. And it is making me smile too. I can’t wait to finish and post it!

Let’s hope the last two hours in work are more focused than the several doodled filled hours just spent!





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