The most expensive brooch I will ever own

Soooooooo I went to the fantastic Daylesford on Sunday to the Thread Needle Craft day hosted by Melly & Me –Melanie Dekker, Ric Rac – Jodie Carleton, and Kirsten D Designs.

It was a rather spffing drive out to Daylesford in my new car on a crisp sunny morning. I was very excited to get there after the drive and a bit apprehensive going on my own to the event. But I had nothing to fear…. The ladies were super nice and I had a great day.

I did expect for the price of the retreat we would be given a project/kit to work on and have a lesson on something …. but instead we got the patterns that were especially created for the event with no kits. The patterns are fab and if we were to buy them they would cost us a small fortune but had I known that we wouldn’t really be given the bits to make a project I would have brought a stash of fabric to use.

Luckily in the gift pack we did get one small project to do on the day….

This pretty piece of linen printed by KD for us to embroider and turn into a broach and thus the most expensive broach was born.

So I spent my day working on this and chatting to everyone. Jodie from Ric Rac was an absolute hoot….very entertaining –such a great character! It was lovely to meet Melly after a year of Blog stalking her and making her things and she is soooo nice. I even got my hands on her highly coveted new book “Sewn Toy Tales” which is already out of stock. I have plans to make something for my cousin’s little girl very soon!! I loved KD’s caravan panel and I bought one to embroider and turn into a cushion cover for the couch. I ALSO bought Jodie’s “Work In Progress” bag kit… and I am UBER EXCITED to make me and mummy two hoots one of these each…… some stage in the near future! Promise mum! Pictures of these soon!

I have ordered my new laptop so I will be blogging much more once that arrives in a couple of days ( I am soooo excited to be nerding it up on a new piece of geekery very very soon YAY)

More pictures to come but here are a few from the iphone……






  1. Love the brooch so much! I’ve tried my hand at a bit of embroidery – I’d love to try something I could wear. Looks excellent!

    • Aw thanks b! Yeh it was fun to do I was determined I’d finish it in the one day come hell or high water!! I’ve just uploaded a new post on an embroidered tshirt I have done. I would love to embroider one of your hand drawn labels onto a top or a cushion- it has been on my to do list since I printed them out from your downloadable section. I love them so much!!! Maybe if you draw something pretty (and not too detailed or complex) I can have a go at embroidering it!!!

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