A Year Later….

This time last year I arrived in Australia with my life in a suitcase (and one box that i shipped a few weeks earlier). It was incredibly scary and exciting all at the same time. Exams finished and financials in order, I left for greener pastures/ employment opportunities. I was very lucky to be arriving to a warm welcome from Chef Boy and his fab family. I moved in with Chef Boy’s parents and became an honorary Irish daughter to them. They kept me fed and watered untill I found my job and got a house of my own. Having all that support certainly made the move that bit easier I must admit and I am very thankful for all their help. Mummy Two Hoots has been very brave this year and has kept herself busy in my absence with quilting…..

I miss all at home – but for now it makes sense to be here where I can get work!

A year on I have accomplished soooo much:

  • Still living with Chef Boy – That is a big accomplishment for us both- We havn’t killed each other yet!!
  • A job
  • A visa
  • A great little home
  • A new car
  • An Iphone
  • Learnt to sew
  • Started blogging
  • Made some awesome great new friends
  • Kept in touch with old friends at home
  • Kitted out the house with furniture
  • Survived my first Christmas away from home
  • Grown my first vegetable garden and not killed it!
  • Graduated from my bachelors

Lots and lots and lots
It was a big year!!
So to celebrate I baked a yummy brekky for chef boy and I last weekend.



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