Hottie Challenge Completed At Last

So after lots of procrastination I finally finished the Hottie Cover for this FAB competition.

I had tried to theme this hot water bottle along side the cause the competition-which was in aid of – Margaret Pratt Heart and Lung Transplant Research….I immediately wanted to make the hot water bottle cover like an upper torso. I decided to use felt as I thought it would be practical for a cover and it would be great to see the anatomy of the body in contrasting colours.

UNFORTUNATLEY the felt I got lacked structural integrity and was a pain to work with. The stitching showed up a bit too pronounced on the ribs than I would have liked but this was a project on a budget after buying my new laptop so it will do.

After seeing all the others on Cam’s blog I know I should have spent more time on this….some of them are just fantstic!

oh well…. next time!!

I can’t wait to see it on display in the gallery in a few weeks!!




  1. Love it love it love it

  2. OMG it’s amazing Meg!
    Love how you’ve made it into an actual torso. It’s going to look so cool hanging on the wall at the exhibition.

  3. Hello from another hottie challenger 🙂 I love what youve made – so clever!

    • Aw thanks Carly! I had already been blog stalking you…love your entry on your panda cover. Put a smile on my face!!! Look forward to meeting ya at the open drawer!!

  4. It’s both beautiful and incredible! Well done!

  5. Awesome!

  6. Awesome idea – it looks great.

    • I just saw your entry stompergirl and what an awesome idea. Goodness I had completely forgotten about those poor guys!! Very creative!!

  7. wow. just beautiful! I love that its anatomically correct and so striking! xg

  8. I love it!
    (from another hottie visiting via ricrac!)

    • Oh my god susie I feel like such a plank! I have seen your hottie featured on cams blog and Facebook and I have only now realised it says hot hot hot….I was so busy looking at the fabric I didn’t see the letters-love it!

  9. Oh wow, this is so incredibly cool!! It’s my favourite pick from the very talented & amazing collection. I blogged about my one today, love Posie

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