Forgive Me Bloggers For I Have Sinned, It Has Been Over A Week Since My Last Post

Where have I been?….I hear you call

Well I thought new laptop would equal lots of blogging! In fact a new laptop equals lots of online shopping!!

So let me please blameMiss B from Good Night Little Spoon for this! I was doing my usual perusal of my fave blogs and saw Bianca’s Love At First Sight post. And that it was! I thought golly gosh gee whizz I like THAT dress. God I wish I was more cool and trendy. Off I meandered to to check them out.

After over an hour of browsing I settled on a number of items. Now let me say I have never bought clothes online before. As much of a computer and internet nerd I am – I was never comfortable buying clothes without trying them on. But I wanted these clothes so bad I took a chance and picked 3 out of the hundreds of things I had added to my basket. As I have yet to install photoshop and microsoft office onto the laptop you will have to click through and see what they look like for yourself!

You will be happy to hear they arrived and all fit me perfectly….I have been modelling them each day at work -photos to come sooooooon!!!!!


My next purchase was tights and socks…….they have yet to arrive

THEN I realised how much I loved my Hoooked Zpaghetti cushion I made, so I ordered 3 more spools of their cool and funky fabric yarn!! Check them out and get yourself some chunky needles and have a go! It took me one and a half spools to make the cushion cover. Gwen shipped my order out super quick and I got it before the end of the week!!! AWESOME!

So forgive me for my lack of posting-I have been crafting I PROMISE!!

Off to the Hottie Challenge Exhibition tomorrow…very excited!!’

Expect lots of photos from the event!!



  1. Oh I am so happy to hear that lady! 😀 Modcloth is a bad, bad place! Full of many tempting wonderful things. I have bought some knick knacky things from Modcloth but I’ve never taken a chance on buying clothes. Too worried they wouldn’t fit or the quality might not be so great (I like the fact that they have a reviewing system under each item). Postage has always deterred me too. How did you fare?

    • Oh b they fit wonderfully!the postage was 30dollars which was my least favourite part! The measurements on their size charts are really accurate and I chose clothes that weren’t toooooo risky with the fit-like i figured once the waist on the skirt fit me and it wasnt too short it would be fine!!
      I’ll get photos of me wearing them and what size I am/bought so you can have a look

      The quality is real good. The only annoying thing is the zip on the black dress digs in a little under my arm but I can fix that easily.
      Got my mix tape email tonight!yay all systems go!!!

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