Bargain Of The Century!

Well I am sorry No really I am I have neglected my blog for a long time now… it is my own fault if you aren’t even reading this! BUT OH MY GOLLY GOSH – I got the bargain of the century and that is why i have not been blogging! There was a silent auction at work […]

There’s A Storm A Brewin!

Woke up this Sunday morning to winds howling, rain pelting and gates clattering. Yes winter is definitely here! Chef Boy pulled himself out of our flannel covered bed and get ready for work while I struggled with the thought of waking up while such a commotion was happening outside. So I decided to stay in […]

Elephants never forget!

So it was a cruisey Monday evening. Chef boy had cooked dinner and I was in a food coma on the couch. I got up to go to bed (for an early night at last) when I realised: “oh no I was supposed to bake cupcakes for the nephew’s first birthday tomorrow. Nooooooooo” Ok ok […]

The Opening Night Of The Hottie Challenge

So Friday night came and at last it was time to head to the Open Drawer for the grand opening of the Hottie Challenge. I brought Miss E with me and we explored the packed hallway and rooms of the gallery. It was filled with people and all the hot water bottle covers were hanging […]