Elephants never forget!

So it was a cruisey Monday evening. Chef boy had cooked dinner and I was in a food coma on the couch. I got up to go to bed (for an early night at last) when I realised: “oh no I was supposed to bake cupcakes for the nephew’s first birthday tomorrow. Nooooooooo”

Ok ok there were a lot more profanities then that when I realised I had forgotten!

So I dragged myself into the kitchen an got cracking.
I got out my Magnolia Bakery cook book and whipped up a batch of their great and perfect cupcakes in no time at all. An hour and a half later I was covered in edible glitter and icing sugar and ready for bed- At last!


It was a great excuse to try out my new apron I purchased at the Open Drawer! I felt very Julie and Julia baking with my pearls on!!!
Love my upcycled shirt apron…love it lots!



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