There’s A Storm A Brewin!

Woke up this Sunday morning to winds howling, rain pelting and gates clattering. Yes winter is definitely here! Chef Boy pulled himself out of our flannel covered bed and get ready for work while I struggled with the thought of waking up while such a commotion was happening outside.

So I decided to stay in bed on my laptop till such a time where the hunger pangs are too strong and I am forced to get up and start my day properly. After half a bag of The Natural Confectionery Co. -“Sour Squirms” I do feel like I should probably get up….but soooooooooooo snug here!

Today I have set myself a task – to start and complete the two CD’s for Miss B’s Mixed Tape Swap. My current issue is that half of my music is on my old laptop and the other half is on my new laptop so my music collection is somewhat scattered and disorganised…… really need to sort that out.

I also need to do some drastic alterations to a new dress I got: I bought a Kimono styled dress off Asos. It was on sale at like $15 so I thought no harm if it doesn’t fit.

So it arrived (alongside my new socks and tights for the winter YAY)

Kimono??? NO – it was more like MOO MOO! It drapes very unfavourably over my body and ultimately looks like I am wearing a sheet. I tried to adapt it with button holes and ribbon but it made the back balloon out something terrible. So today I may attack it with new gusto and see what happens – eek!

Ok – starting the day now – the sugar has settled on my teeth and feels yuk!


snug new over the knee cable knit socks from asos and the remnants or what was sour squirms….



  1. Oh dammit, that mix tape exchange sounds fun! And bad luck about the asos muu muu, make sure you post before and afters 🙂

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