Bargain Of The Century!

Well I am sorry

No really I am

I have neglected my blog for a long time now… it is my own fault if you aren’t even reading this!

BUT OH MY GOLLY GOSH – I got the bargain of the century and that is why i have not been blogging! There was a silent auction at work to get rid of the stuff from the design studio and I saw a set of 5 bookcases and bid $250….. they turned out to be ike expedits that retail at $189 each so as you can imagine I was a very happy camper at this discovery. Since bringing my (HUGE) babies home I have been busy moving furniture around and re-organising my sewing/craft room. Mummy twohoots should be coming for a visit in October and I want it to be a fab room for her! I also want to stop crafting in front of the TV and stop leaving my shit stuff all over the living room. So each evening I have been busy with trips to Ikea, moving furniture, recovering furniture, throwing out junk etc etc. If it makes you feel any better it is not just my blog that has suffered with neglect – the rest of my house is looking somewhat dusty and in need of a good sprucing!

So I promise when I have completed the revamp and all my accessories I have ordered arrive there will be a MEGA post with LOADS of photos!!

In other news i FINALLY posted my mix tape cds. I loved making them and I was a few days late posting them because I had to re-learn how to use photoshop AND i kept forgetting to post them – they have lived in my handbag for a few days.

On a humorous note – i received my first mix tape from sweden….and it was BLANK! must email miss b about that. It gave me a bit of a giggle.

will post photos soon

your slack blogger




  1. Hi Meg! Just wanted to say thanks for the mixed tape. I love it, it’s still in my cd player in my car haha. Thank you so much 🙂

    • Hi Amy
      So nice to hear from you-I’ve been ery slack with my blogging lately as you can see!! Delighted you liked the tape. I only got one in the post-and it was blank 😦 so I’m very disappointed!!! Did you receive your second one yet??

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