Bargain Of The Century!

Well I am sorry No really I am I have neglected my blog for a long time now… it is my own fault if you aren’t even reading this! BUT OH MY GOLLY GOSH – I got the bargain of the century and that is why i have not been blogging! There was a silent auction at work […]

There’s A Storm A Brewin!

Woke up this Sunday morning to winds howling, rain pelting and gates clattering. Yes winter is definitely here! Chef Boy pulled himself out of our flannel covered bed and get ready for work while I struggled with the thought of waking up while such a commotion was happening outside. So I decided to stay in […]

The Opening Night Of The Hottie Challenge

So Friday night came and at last it was time to head to the Open Drawer for the grand opening of the Hottie Challenge. I brought Miss E with me and we explored the packed hallway and rooms of the gallery. It was filled with people and all the hot water bottle covers were hanging […]

Hottie Challenge Completed At Last

So after lots of procrastination I finally finished the Hottie Cover for this FAB competition. I had tried to theme this hot water bottle along side the cause the competition-which was in aid of – Margaret Pratt Heart and Lung Transplant Research….I immediately wanted to make the hot water bottle cover like an upper torso. […]

Knight In Shining Armour

Aunty meg was kept busy this weekend…. A trip to spotlight with the soon to be 5 year old nephew of Chef Boy led to an afternoon of crafting this cool Knight costume. Mr E sat himself down on the floor cushions and watched Horton Hears A Who while I crafted away. I also made […]

A Labour Of Lurve

So here it is …. This is what stopped me blogging last week and nearly caused me to go blind: Chef Boy’s new embroidered tshirt. His reaction: “aw wow, that’s awesome! Kinda wish I had given ya a better tshirt to do it on now!!!” My mums reaction: “that’s nice love…..but what is it?” Please […]

A Stitch In Time

Armed with my newly acquired chain stitching technique I decided to embroider a present for Chef Boy. I spent nearly an hour trying to get the iron-on transfer pencil I bought to work but to no avail…. I would pull away the baking paper after ironing the pattern to the t-shirt to find there was […]

The most expensive brooch I will ever own

Soooooooo I went to the fantastic Daylesford on Sunday to the Thread Needle Craft day hosted by Melly & Me –Melanie Dekker, Ric Rac – Jodie Carleton, and Kirsten D Designs. It was a rather spffing drive out to Daylesford in my new car on a crisp sunny morning. I was very excited to get […]

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater

Ooook so I happened to have another 5inch square of the fabric I was sent to use as my “homework” piece for the retreat in Daylesford tomorrow. I had bought it as part of a christmas pack I bought and never used last year (some over zealous fabric buying) So here is take two…. An […]

You’re so lame – I bet you think this song is about you

Yes that’s right people my “homework” for daylesford tomorrow is LAME! A pin cushion….and a crap one at that! So disappointed – I hope the standard isnt too high!? This is the worst thing I have made this year. What will I do???