The Opening Night Of The Hottie Challenge

So Friday night came and at last it was time to head to the Open Drawer for the grand opening of the Hottie Challenge. I brought Miss E with me and we explored the packed hallway and rooms of the gallery. It was filled with people and all the hot water bottle covers were hanging […]

Forgive Me Bloggers For I Have Sinned, It Has Been Over A Week Since My Last Post

Where have I been?….I hear you call Well I thought new laptop would equal lots of blogging! In fact a new laptop equals lots of online shopping!! So let me please blameMiss B from Good Night Little Spoon for this! I was doing my usual perusal of my fave blogs and saw Bianca’s Love At […]

Hottie Challenge Completed At Last

So after lots of procrastination I finally finished the Hottie Cover for this FAB competition. I had tried to theme this hot water bottle along side the cause the competition-which was in aid of – Margaret Pratt Heart and Lung Transplant Research….I immediately wanted to make the hot water bottle cover like an upper torso. […]

Oh blogger where art thou?

Bad point: I haven’t blogged very often this week Good point: I have this overwhelming wave of creativity and the need to surround myself in pretty things. I have spent every day and evening for the past week indulging in looking at pictures and designs. Everything from the usual interior magazines I read, crafty blogs, […]

Busy bee

I feel as though I have somewhat neglected my beautiful blog this weekend. But fear not my faithful readers- I have been busy crafting and adventuring!! Firstly: My Hooked Zpaghetti endeavour…. Well I must say that I was a bit over whelmed with it all when the parcel arrived. I was very unsure of what […]

Mid week wonderment

So my faithful readers I have decided on my hot water bottle cover. After much deliberation and discussion I think I know where I’m going with it. And here is a sneaky peak of what I found for it. I have to go and buy some felt and decide on what the main body of […]